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Sarah Lu様にお話を伺いました!
(Counter service & instrument maintenance)

We are the Yamaha Clarinet High-end Exhibition Center in Taiwan. We also sell many famous brands of musical instruments, such as wood pipes, brass pipes, and strings. There are also many musical instrument accessories, care products and musical instrument bags for you to choose from. We have our own maintenance master, and we are the only master in Taiwan who has obtained the Japanese dual certification maintenance technology license. Professional instrument maintenance is the best choice for many performers, teachers, schools and guests.


A customer in the store showed us the raku website and liked it very much because the editor himself also kept a pet Shiba Inu. When I designed a series of musical instrument-related products with Shiba Inu as the theme, I was fascinated! So I contacted Yuto Yoshida And decided to sell raku products in Taiwan as the general agent in Taiwan to let more people know about the cute existence of raku.


柴犬は日本を代表する犬です。忠実で個性的で、かわいくてやさしく、そのことを知らなくても幸せにしてくれます。 ラクの様々な楽器のグッズは個性的かつ斬新です。台湾で販売されるやいなや、皆さまに愛されてきました! 音楽の愛好家だけでなく、犬の愛好家にも人気です。ラクは一種の幸せを表しており、私たちもまたそれを伝えたいと思っています。
Shiba Inu is the representative dog of Japan. It is loyal and individual, cute and warm, and makes people feel happy without knowing it. Raku's various musical instrument products are unique and novel. Once sold in Taiwan, they have been loved by everyone! Not only music learners like it, but dog lovers also like it. Raku represents a kind of happiness, and we hope to convey it


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